Quincy Lodge Banquet Hall Rental

Our banquet hall is for rent to the general public. If you or your group would like to rent the lodge dinning hall for your private event or activity, contact the lodge Secretary. We will discuss with you the event type you will be holding as well as any special needs to may require to host your event. Our facility holds ~50-75 persons.

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Rental Details

To rent the lodge's dinning hall, there is a $125.00 rental fee that must be pre-paid prior to hosting your event. You will be granted full access to the kitchen and its equipment if your event requires any food preperation.

A member of the lodge will provide you a key to the dinning area so that you may lock the building when you are finished with your activity and or need to leave the premise with no others present. This key will need to be returned when the event is over or the following day, depending on the details of the rental contract.

Rental Contract

As with any other rental of sorts, we do request a contract be signed. Your payment of the lodge rental fee is due at this time. Please remember that while the dinning area is seperate from the lodge's meeting hall, it still must conform to the rules and bylaws established by the lodge members and trustees. These include:
  • No Alcoholic beverages are to be consumed on the lodge property
  • No smoking within the lodge dinning area.
  • Lodge property may not be removed from the premesis
  • Any food prepared by the renter should be taken at the end of the rental. Leftovers cannot be re-served and will be discarded.
  • Any items broken must be reported to the lodges property managers immeadiately
  • Any items found broken will be the responsibility of the renter

Discounted Rental rates for Members of Quincy Lodge will be $75.00.

Our forms are in PDF format. Get Adobe Reader here.